Master International business and corporate development parcours International business and corporate development

Code diplôme/certificat: MR117p2

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Niveau d'entrée

  • Bac +3

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  • Bac+5 et au-dessus

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Arrêté du 24 août 2016. Accréditation jusqu'en 2018-2019.

Publics / conditions d'accès

Prérequis :
The Master in International Business and Corporate Development is a part of Master in Management Programs (MIM); which are designed for students who wish to pursue a career in business and management and increase their professional horizons, domain knowledge and leadership ability.
The MIM is a full time program, taught completely in English.
Students could apply from Master 1 or directly to Master 2 upon the field of Bachelor degree and the Master 2 application form.
The Master Diploma is delivered under the control of the French Ministry of Higher Education.


This major in International Business and Corporate Development addresses all the dimensions of the international development of the enterprises.
It is destined to future global managers who intend to participate to the renewal of managerial practices notably by taking more deeply into account the new missions of international organizations.
The main objectives of this major are:
- Provide technical and conceptual tools to operate in every dimension of an enterprise's international development
- Understand the practical dimensions of being part of - or dealing with - a multinational company
- Develop the ability to manage and negotiate in a multi-cultural environment
- Put globalization in perspective and anticipate the evolution of the multinational companies (geopolitical drivers, new global players, emerging markets, corporate social responsibility)

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Intitulé officiel figurant sur le diplôme : Master Droit, économie et gestion mention management et commerce international

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Codes NSF : Commerce, vente

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The MIM is designed around the framework of:
- an orientation week,
- Master 1 with a core curriculum of management
- Master 2 with transversal management courses, major courses, career development supporting courses, and internship
Courses are organized over 2 semesters per year and carry between 2 to 8 credits, depending on the importance and duration, with a full amount of 60 ECTS credits per year.

Stage / missions

An internship will complete the Master curriculum and offer an ?action learning? opportunity. To obtain the degree, students must complete a final-year full-time internship (3 to 6 months) offering them the opportunity to face relevant organisation's topics at the end of the curriculum.

Modalités d'évaluation

Students must obtain all the credit requirements in the curriculum.


  • maîtriser les techniques de contractualisation utilisées dans les opérations internationales : contrats-types, clauses, risques, aspects fiscaux et financiers

  • mettre en œuvre les techniques commerciales, les méthodes marketing et les outils économiques d'analyse nécessaires à la prise de responsabilités en développement d'affaires à l'international : évaluation des opportunités, évaluation des risques, diagnostic et élaboration stratégiques

  • élaborer et mener les actions de prévention des risques liés aux décisions de développement international

  • négocier les engagements contractuels liés aux opérations qui en découlent

  • appliquer les critères de performance des opérations de développement à l'international : exportation, implantation, partenariats, etc.

  • déchiffrer et utiliser les données de conjoncture économique internationale

  • comprendre et positionner les principales composantes de la mondialisation économique dans leurs aspects géopolitiques et géoéconomiques

Débouchés professionnels

Professional Outlooks:
- International Business Expert
- Multi-cultural Business Specialist
- Business Development Specialist
- Consultant in International Business Plan
- Consultant in Business Development in new markets


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75141 Paris cedex 03
Tel :01 58 80 87 49
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