Major in e-Business and Marketing

The Major in e-Business and Marketing provides:

  • Practical knowledge and Critical thinking in digital marketing and communication;
  • The new skills required to develop and manage the digital marketing and communication supporting new business trends.

  • Stakes:
    • Thanks to internet and new technologies, entrepreneurs and companies are confronted with new business and approaches in order to support the digital transformation;
    • New marketers and future managers need to master new key concepts: dematerialization, new distribution features, multi and cross channel , big data opportunities, new marketing features;
    • To address these challenges they simply need to reinforce their e-business expertise.
  • Goals:
    • Master the key tools and process of creation e-business activities;
    • Develop the ability to operate and improve the new -technology and social media marketing and communication;
    • Get ready for e-business models (new models, new channels, new media, logistics, human, physical and virtual resources…).
Course contents