Master Droit, économie et gestion mention entrepreneuriat et management de projet Parcours Project Management and Business Engineering

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Arrêté du 28 janvier 2019. Accréditation jusque fin 2023-2024.

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The Master’s degree in Project Management and Business Engineering is a national degree in line with the standardized European System of higher education. This degree is part of our programs "Master in Management" (MIM)
The Master in Management (MIM) is designed around the framework of:
- an Orientation week with intercultural integration and team building activities.
Master 1 (Year 1) with core curriculum of Management. The Master 1 helps students to understand the rules and practices of an organization as well as the different modalities of its management. The learning outcomes of the first year are then applied in a team-based experience that enables students to learn by action in the real work world.
Master 2 (Year 2) with Transversal management modules, Major - Specialization modules, Minor - Elective blocks and Supporting modules: 
  • In order to successfully be an entrepreneur or join an organization, Master in Management students need to develop their own skills, achieve the principles and tools of project, quality, intercommunication, etc. These skills, tools and principles will help optimize the resources in this transversal management mode. Therefore, the MIM has developed transversal management modules that are indispensable for all Management students, whatever specialization they will follow.
  • Major - Specialization provides students critical thinking on specific expertise that they will follow and develop their professional outlooks. The stakes are detailed for each master (International Business & Corporate Development and Project Management & Business Engineering).
  • Students are invited to choose one block of elective courses as a minor to their specialization. The combination of majors and minors will help students enhance different competences and practical skills in fast growing business areas and highly demanding professions, including e-Business, International Management, Sustainable Development and Business Development (entrepreneurship).
- an Internship from 3 to 6 months. The internship will complete the Master curriculum and offer an "action learning" opportunity in the Master 2 year.  
The Master Diploma is delivered under the control of the French Ministry of Higher Education.
Admission access:
Students could apply from Master 1 (for the 2-year program) or directly to Master 2 (for the final-year program) upon the field of Bachelor degree and the Master application form.
Application Requirements and Process
The MIM programs receive Application files all year round, Admission process starts in November and end by June for non-EU students:
  • by mid-September for EU students.
  • by mid-March for scholarship & company financial applicants
However, the limited seats (each class of 25-30 students) are reserved for early-bird applicants.
Application Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Proficiency in English (TOEFL IBT: 85 | TOIEIC: 800 | IELTS: 6.0 | BULATS B2/C1)
Admission Process:
  • Complete application form in English
  • 2 recommendation letters (from professional or academic endorsers)
  • Interviews with the Admission board
  • Admission decision based on the Application file +interviews + recommendations
Download our Application Form at: 
For more information and application file, check our page in English on


This Major in Project Management and Business Engineering combines theory and practice for the effective and successful cross-functional management in a business or any organization.
It provides methods and technologies to develop leadership and managerial skills and a better understanding of the main strategic components of the business management.

The main objectives of this major are:

  • Acquire important and efficient practical skills through actual case studies, exercises; in addition to the feedback of very experimented project managers.
  • Identify keys to understand the surroundings and environment of business & projects.
  • Develop the ability to diagnose management situations in evolving organizations.
  • Strengthen the capacity to identify adequate management tools for the management situation and related implementation plan.
  • Enhance the aptitude to coordinate implementation of methods & processes.
  • Acquire skills to measure results.

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Modalités d'évaluation

Students must obtain all the credit requirements in the curriculum.


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This Master degree provides:
  • A first experience in setting up and monitoring projects from the field.
  • Critical thinking on tools, methods and standards applied to manage projects.
  • Abilities to design and to operate project management and business engineering.
  • A customized curriculum with minors including Business Development, Sustainable Development, International Management and E-Business.
  • Project Management is critical to assure investment strategies in companies and organizations.
  • Business Engineering is a key to assure integration of investment strategies in an evolving environment (human, markets and technologies).
  • Project Management and Business Engineering can be applied to a great variety of areas, with regards to the complex business environment. Customizing the field of applied business with the elective blocks enables students to work and evolve within different businesses and domains (entrepreneurship, sustainable development, international management, e-business).
Furthermore, thanks to the complete curriculum design of the Master in Management (MIM) concept, this master degree also enables students to:
  • Master the principles and tools for managers of business units with up-to-date management topics in the real business environment with Core curriculum (M1) and Transversal modules (M2);
  • Build a concrete view of the working environment, especially in the specific European business framework with Supporting modules (M2);
  • Represent the management of focused business activities as an action which includes four complementary elements: functional management, time management, organizational management, daily management with Specialization modules and Minor blocks (M2) such as Business Development, Sustainable Development, International Management and e-Business;
  • Master and experience the strategic principles and tools towards high performance and innovations with Group projects and Internships (M2);
  • Achieve intercultural and additional competences relying on students’ original degree in sciences or engineering or students’ intercultural experience and engagement.


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