Rebound Strategies: Navigating a Post-Covid World

May 15, 2020

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For the third event we will have the pleasure to welcome four strategy experts for an online panel about the impact of Covid-19 on business and the opportunities to design strategies for the future.


The economic crisis generated by the Covid pandemic opens up an array of questions and concerns for businesses. Is globalization about to reshape into a process of internationalization around poles or nations? Is multilateralism bound to be replaced by old forms of fight for dominance through economic, financial or military power- or a combination of all three? In this context, as value chains are likely to be reshuffled, could it lead to some form of reindustrialization of the rusted belts across the western world? In what form and to what extent? If so, around which organizational competences? What key dynamic capabilities will firms need to partake in these transformations?

Will the planet benefit from longer effects of the sudden decrease in pollution that we currently see around the world as economies came to a stop? To what extent will the sudden generalization of telework lead to less travel, less commuting in future years? As the pandemic crisis badly hit megacities and very dense regions around the world, could it be that we witness significant numbers of inhabitants moving to less populated areas? Could we see less commercial transport around the globe and more local loops to play down logistics thus contributing to greening of the economy?

Given the sudden effect of a sanitary crisis despite the layers of protection that our societies were assumed to provide, are we likely to see massive reallocation of R&D funding, venture money and investments towards biotechnology, pharma and health (hospitals and homecare for the elderly)?

As always, a crisis creates both threats and opportunities. This event will discuss these issues to help think strategically to prepare for after the pandemic.


André MarquisSean RandolphVictoria SlivkoffThomas DurandEric Albrand

  1. André Marquis, Founder, Innovation Acceleration Group - UC Berkeley - CEO - Hypershift Systems
  2. Sean Randolph, Senior Director - Bay Area Council Economic Institute
  3. Victoria Slivkoff, Global Head Innovation & Entrepreneurship - University of California, Office of the President
  4. Thomas Durand, Professor and Chair of Strategic Management - Cnam - President European Academy of Management
  5. Éric Albrand, Group CFO - Mazars

Cnam and UC Berkeley partnership

These 2 prestigious institutions are from now on partners as part of the Cnam Exectutive MBA. Most particularly, this partnership applies to the specialisation Project Management and involves the delivery of a mutual academic program and student exchanges as part of the MBA study trips.
This new conference program is design to cross viewpoints on marketing, business from each side of the Atlantic.