Supporting placement Courses

In order to help young MIM graduates obtaining the Master in Management degree yet lacking of professional experiences, the CNAM IIM provides supporting modules during the curriculum of Master 2. These supporting modules enable students, especially those who are not familiar with French and European business world, to start immediately their professional careers in France, European countries with confidence, or to set up a business project process connecting with French and European companies.

The courses are:

IIM US173E : French foreign language and business language

The official language of the Cnam-IIM MiM is English. However, acquiring a good level of French language is a plus for future career development.

Students enrolled in the Cnam-IIM MiM program will have a French course during the whole first year. (150H). A test of evaluation at the beginning of the second year will help dividing students into 3 groups of different levels of understanding and using French (basic, intermediate, advanced groups).

This course is not a simple workshop of practicing oral French language. Depending on the level, it could vary from daily to specialized French (sociology, economy, French news) that help foreign students to adapt well to French social and business life.

  • Allow students to acquire the means to participate into daily oral interactions on simple subjects;
  • Allow students to acquire the bases of the French grammar so as to possess a real working autonomy in their acquisition of French;
  • Allow students to acquire a multi-category-specific lexical base facilitating their understanding and their work in French;
  • Allow students to be able to obtain the official certificate of French as DELF, DALF.

50 H

IIM US173C : Career Management and Coaching

It is today more than ever necessary to manage someone's own career. Employees and entrepreneurs have the same common element, defining their future in terms of business project or professional career. This course is especially important for young graduates without or lack of professional experiences.

The goal of this class is assisting students to define career objectives, understand today's business world, companies' systems and job market, then to prepare themselves to be ready for job search by powerful resume writing and present professionally to companies.

Students may be coached individually afterwards to be able to handle future interviews with full confidence.

This class is set out through workshops that cover the topics:

  • The principles of CV and motivation letter (French market);
  • The pillars of job Interview (based on behavior analysis, interview roleplays);
  • The methodologies, techniques and advice about job finding techniques and tools (assisting by experts in HRM in companies and alumni with experiences of finding jobs and internships in companies).

36 H

IIM US173B & D : Team building and Business Simulation

At the beginning and at the end of the year, students of Master 2 will be put together to join a fictitious environment in which they are going to run a business in a competitive framework, at different levels of difficulties. The first Business game constitutes a solid method for reviewing fundamental business concepts learnt in the Master 1.

The second Business game assures the knowledge learnt during the year, and require students a higher level of development in defining their company's strategies concerning production, commercial and financial policy.

In this dynamic exercise, students, the players, who are divided up into teams, run simulated businesses competing on a given market. 

One of key aspect of this simulation training is to promote interactions between students inside a group (group dynamics leading to common decisions) or between groups (collaboration and/or competition in various forms).

2 x 30 H

IIM USM308 : Presentation skills


IIM USM309 : Report writing skills