MBA (Paris Hanoi)

Mba Cnam Paris Hanoi

January 2, 2013

In early January 2013, the Cnam (Paris) signed an agreement with the FTU (Hanoi) to consolidate bilateral academic cooperation. The agreement has been signed by Prof. Dr. Christian Forestier, Rector of the CNAM and Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Chau, Rector of the FTU.
Foreign trade universityThe Cnam will offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree on-site at FTU as part of this new agreement.

Faculty members from the Cnam will teach the MBA courses on campus at FTU. The program will offer the same curriculum taught at CNAM in Paris, with an emphasis on leadership in innovation, business intelligence, fashion...

The agreement also encourages exchanging visits and expertise between faculty as well as student exchange programs. The agreement also provides for organizing joint workshops and conferences and joint training programs in both campuses.