By Jean-Michel Raicovitch, Director of the Cnam-MBA

Our professors

May 13, 2014

I am very glad to take part to this first MBA Newsletter. We are busy focusing on our daily actions and priorities, thus this first newsletter is important to broadcast messages for our students and the Cnam MBA community.
Why are we proud of our students?
During our recruitment interviews we select students who have a strong will to change, enhance their professional path and objectives. No one has the same “calling” but the will is there.
When we give lectures, we face people who invest on themselves. Who work hard and sweat in order to fill the gaps and reach a higher level of knowledge and professional skills.
When we conduct exams, which can be for instance a team work and final presentation, we face people who try their best to produce a sound piece of work with added value and efficient final presentation.
Just like in the real work environment, no position is ever stable and the future is never granted. But when you build up and revitalize your professional skills, you give yourself a better chance to succeed.
That’s why our job is very motivating and that’s why we are proud of our students!