Student profiles/Requirements of MIM

The typical IIM MIM student averages 24 years old and had completed 3 or more years of post-secondary education before enrollment.

MIM students are coming from different countries. Many of them come from China, Russia & India as we have special partnerships with the top universities and intellectual developing centers in these countries. We also have students coming from Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Belarus, Turkey, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Korea, India, Cameroon, Seychelles, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala and of course from France.

Individuals holding an undergraduate degree equivalent to the Bachelor according to European standards (or 240 ECTS credits) from a recognized institution of higher education are eligible for the Master in Management.

No professional experience is required.

They also must satisfy English proficiency requirements.

All non-native English speakers or applicants who did not graduate from totally English-speaking programs are required to provide adequate proof of their English proficiency before receiving admission to the MIM. Results of a recognized certification of English language competence like the TOEFL or IELTS are required :

For IELTS : minimum test score of 6
For TOEFL (code school is 1977)

  • paper based : minumum test score of 550 overall
  • computer based : minimum test score of 225 overall
  • internet based : minimum test score of 80 overall

For BULATS : minimum level 3
For TOEIC : minimum test score of 800 overall

Students who have

Class organization

Usually MIM has a group of 20-30 students per specialization. We limit the group at 30 students per group to assure the quality of the program and sufficient number of contact hours between professors and students.