Our events

Conferences, Competitions, Extra-class activities are designed to provide students with opportunities to think big, to gain rich experiences and to learn about various aspects of life.
Every week, the Cnam in general and the Cnam MBA in particular host an extraordinary variety of events—conferences, lectures, competitions, workshops and more.
The Cnam MBA’s events calendar keeps track of all daily happenings on and around campus. For a more selective display of offerings, check out the Featured Events calendar, which highlights lectures, conferences, workshops open to the public.

See these additional calendars for more information:

Information Meeting Sessions of IIM

The International Institute of Management invites you to participate in its online information sessions in order to prepare for your next academic year. Click here for more details:

MBA Expand Your Horizons

To "expand one’s horizons" means to gain experiences, and to learn about different cultures, people, expertise, ideas, practices,…and ways of living. This is a very important part in the academic and professional life of the IIM-MBA students, and these series of seminars is open to other IIM students depending on the organization of each event.

These series include seminars on different themes, once per month (Thursday evenings) and Different seminars/events organized by the Cnam or partners, instructors’ networks.

Cnam Berkeley Global Expand your Horizons

Recently, inspired by our spirit of the MBA's Expand Your Horizons, we have been delighted to kick of a new, collaborative series of online events called Cnam Berkeley Global Expand your Horizons and welcome professors and industry experts to share their experience, expertise, perspective and insight.

Click here for more details: MBA Expand your Horizons

IIMAA Events

The International Institute of Management Alumni Association (IIMAA) is a French association created in February 2007 with aim to bring together students of the International Management Institute (IIM) around common values​​. Its main objective is to form a strong and supportive network and protect the interests of its students and alumni. 

The IIMAA organises different events from afterwork event to pitch entrepreneurship event for its students and alumni. 

Click here for more details: IIMAA next events