By Laurent Ibri, Communication manager

Cnam MBA students testimonials

July 11, 2014

Our MBA students, alumni or current students, share their experience and feelings about the choice they once made to join an MBA program at the Cnam.

Hi, I'm Charles, I'm a H-MBA student at CNAM.
I choose to follow the H-MBA's courses because I believed that it will help me; bring a lot of knowledge I don’t possess yet and which will be useful to my professional projects. Applying to the MBA degree is also a way to find some great educators with field experience. It’s also well-known, that CNAM’s teachers are great examples of professionals. I must add that CNAM's staff is also really helfull and highly dedicated, that's a real asset to our success.
My post MBA career plans are quite simple. I will use my newly acquired knowledge to run my company.

Charles Petit,
current student H-MBA.

For me the MBA has been a fantastic human adventure. Of course, I had the opportunity to acquire a solid tool box that enables me today to answer to the futur challenges of international companies. But, more than this, the MBA enabled me to learn more about myself and my capabilities. This allowed me to improve my self-confidence and today, I feel stronger than before. I also met incredible people that became real friends for the rest of my life.
Today, as I am actively looking for another job, the MBA has been key in opening new doors at international companies and raising me to executive positions. 
Marilidia Clotteau,
MBA part time student 2011-2013.

This year, I decided that it was the best period of my life to follow this MBA. I have 25 years of work experience in IT, years during which I learnt and collected a lot of exciting know-how in different jobs, by beginning as software engineer up to chief information officer (CIO). Today, I feel the need to structure all this acquired knowledge and to bring a "backbone" there, MBA having this objective to help me in it. Moreover, it is going to allow me to enlarge my vision of firms and to give me other opportunities to evolve so personally as professionally. After 3 months, I can already say that my "mutation" is on the way ! I see things differently and with much more distance than before. The machine is in motion, full steam ahead !
Alain Baheux,
current student H-MBA.

It is not easy to summarize these two years of MBA Cnam, by words such as, commitment, effort, sacrifice, disappointment, joy, challenge, courage… etc. Because it is an experience of a lifetime and in order to understand it I had to fully live it. Although I have not yet reaped the benefits of this training on a professional point of view, but I feel already its infancy knocking at the door. I get out of this training, enriched technically and humanly speaking, because, friendships and respects are woven with the students and the management of this great adventure. Engage in MBA education is a very important decision, considering the personal, family and financial investment, so it is very important to ask the right questions ahead. With this MBA, I learned to ask the right questions too.
Salah Isliwa,
MBA part time student 2012-2014.

« It always seems impossible until it’s done » (Nelson Mandela)
And when it’s done, you feel so great. You know that you’re able to bring your biggest challenges to success! After my Executive MBA, and 15 years in Human Resources, I’ve decided to reorient my career in business and directly contribute to increase revenues, market shares, and limit churn. This is how life turns out to be after the CNAM MBA. You always challenge yourself, your decisions, you always find a way to reach the goal and beyond. There is no limit anymore, you can spread your horizons to the infinity.
Céline Crevelier,
MBA part time student 2011-2013,
Director of Human Resources of Technocenter and Strategic Program NFC at Orange.

After 20 years of professional experience as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Purchasing and Logistics, the opportunity arose for me to take stock of my career and after that I wanted to give to my career. I thought between return to work immediately or do some training. The rest of my career, I saw it in a general management or managing a business unit. The only way I saw to achieve this goal was to do an MBA. I did several searches, and for me the best compromise was the CNAM, a school of reference in training.
The MBA was completely logical and the MBA degree is recognized by all international companies, regardless of the country where they.
In my class, the candidates came from all walks of life, all professions and countries. This patch allows candidates to interact and very different experiences in each module. Life experience when traveling is a strong and unifying element. My experience at the University of San Bernardino is memorable.
This MBA has forced me to get out of my comfort zone and control. I was obliged to put in "learning mode". This is what allowed me to open myself to other subjects that I had no control or that I did not used to take care in my previous work (marketing, project management, cash management, reset my knowledge in finance ...).
Group work forced me to change and correct some of my personality traits to change my management skills. You must accept the level of the group and see how we can make the best group to succeed. I acquired a global vision, is really the main point of this training.
This training helped me to get a job at Bayer as Controlling and Sites Services Manager for the Division Cropscience. The MBA was not on my resume when I applied and during the interview I could explain what I did for a year to my future employer. For him it was an element that has influenced the choice of my application, because my General Manager was also an MBA graduate. Like what, this training is an opportunity to boost his career.
Younes Ali Cherif,
International MBA (2012-2013).

The MBA was an important step in my life. It helped me to have a global and strategic view of the different areas of companies. In addition, the projects I have participated, in multidisciplinary and multi-ethnic teams, helped me to develop skills in different areas: HR, Marketing, Finance or Project Management. Furthermore, the MBA gave us a high quality teaching and always oriented business. Thanks to the MBA, I have been able to evolve my career from IT Project Manager to IT service Manager.
Mohand Yahiaoui,
International MBA (2011-2013).