Admissions procedure

The IIM works with numerous universities, institutions and student mobility organizations around the world. International students can enrol either directly to Cnam-IIM for its diploma programs, from the worldwide network of Campus France offices or come from our partners via our collaborative agreements.

  • Our International Programs (MBA, Masters) are listed in the Campus France catalogue of Programs Taught in English
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  • Thanks to our network of Cnam Centers in different regions of France, Francophone countries and emerging markets, students can transfer their enrollment to the International programs (MBA, Masters) after completing their courses, certifications or applications from the Regional Cnam Centers or International Cnam Centers, such as the Cnam Center in Madagascar, China, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Morrocco

Step 1: Scan the application

Candidates could send the application form/Curriculum Vitae by email to the Program Manager to scan for the first evaluation.

Step 2: Complete the dossier

Once candidates are given the positive answers, IIM will ask them to send the complete dossier, normally includes:
  • 1 ID Photos
  • University Diplomas & Transcripts
  • 2 Reference letters
  • English test score or date of the coming English test.
  • Application fees (except candidates passing via our representatives) of 160 euros.

The documents could be scanned and sent to IIM by email. On registering to the program, students will have to show up the originals of documents.

The application fees of 125 euros can be sent by cheque, in order of "Regisseur des recettes de l'IIM"; If students wish to pay the application fee by bank transfer, please use the bank details in the application form.

Step 3: Decision on complete dossier and Interview

Once receiving candidate's complete dossier, the admission board will evaluate again and fix the interview with individuals. The interview will be Face to face at IIM in Paris, or by conference call for oversees candidates or candidates from other provinces.

Step 4: Admission decisions

The admission board compose of the Academic Head, the Manager of the programs, and sometimes invited professors or overseas assistant.
There will be 4 possibilities for admission decisions of the admission board:

- Admit to M1 (First year)
- Admit to M2 (Second year)
- Admit to M2 with some conditions on attending courses of M1
- Refuse

Admission decisions will be given by email first. Except the last possibility, candidates will receive by post the attestation of admission and documents to help them applying the visa.