Financial information

Budgeting for student life involves more than tuition fees : it also includes housing, books, miscellaneous fees and living costs for the duration of a program. Candidates should be aware that the Cnam-IIM is an urban university in the center of Paris, located in the center of the old Paris - one of the world's most popular destinations. Consequently, cost of living is expensive. We provide assistance for housing facilities when possible.

Current tuitions and fees for Cnam-IIM MIM programs are :

  • Tuition :  7.660 € for Master 2 ;  13.660 € for the whole program. 

Payment policies
The total tuition of the first year must be received before the first day of classes and the same for the second year.
Tuition fees could be paid up to 3 times in the school year:

  • 30% before 31/10
  • 40% before 31/12
  • 30% before 28/02

Refund policies
The student is responsible for notifying the Cnam-IIM Programs Office in writing of any intention to withdraw from a program. The date of postmark will serve as the date that notification of withdrawal was given.

Full time students who withdraw from the MIM will be applied the following conditions :

  • Withdrawal within one month from the starting day of the program : deposit fees 
  • Withdrawal after one month from the starting day of the program : no reimbursement

For more details, please refer to the Students Regulation.

Financial supports

1)  Scholarship from the Government, called: "Bourse du Gouvernement Français (BGF)": For more information, please contact CampusFrance in your country.

In order to apply for this BGF scholarship, you need to be admitted to MIM and send conditional admission certificate from Le Cnam Master program directly to the CampusFrance and French Embassy in your country.
Be aware that candidates must send their MiM application as early as you can. Admissions for international students will end on June, 30th 2022. Applications received after this date will be processed for the next academic year.

2) Scholarship for excellent students from the CampusFrance, called "Bourse d'Excellence Eiffel", (For more information, please consult this link:

In order to apply for this Eiffel scholarship,  you need to be admitted to MIM and be under 25 years old. The Cnam will select their best admitted and eligible candidates, and submits  the scholarship applications to Campus France before January for the next school year.

The deadline to apply for all types of scholarship of MIM programs is by 1st December of the previous year.

In order to apply for scholarships,  candidates must:

  • submit the MIM application form and all required documents on time
  • not be in receipt of scholarship from any other source;
  • have made adequate financial provision to study in France (including any associated visa/travel expenses);
  • be able to pay any outstanding tuition fees not covered by the scholarship.

For all the payments by companies, the dossiers of financial supports (FONGECIF, DIF, CIF...) need to be submitted at the same time with the application form.