The faculty at the Cnam is our greatest asset

mbaThe IIM’s teaching team, including professors, adjunct faculty and lecturers, stands out for its quality and reputation. Adjunct faculty, for example, consists of mainly of professionals holding senior positions in business, consulting and government, with a wide and credible experience. Whether from the world of business or academics, all members of our teaching team are genuinely committed to and enthusiastic about teaching, with an impressive talent for sharing their expertise. Classes are both entertaining and inspiring. This blend of academic and professional worlds allows students to enjoy a dual approach: they see how practice translates into theory and how theory is reflected in practice. Our methods will give you confidence in your own leadership skills and ability to meet a variety of challenges, propelling you toward accomplishing your career goals and aspirations.

Featured Faculty Profiles

  • Olivier Basso, Adjunct professor, Leadership
  • Thomas Durand, Full professor, Strategy
  • Christelle Pezon, Associate professor, Management
  • Jean-Michel Raicovitch, Adjunct professor, Management of Information Systems
  • Christophe Torset, Associate professor, Strategy
  • Vesselina Tossan, Associate professor, Marketing