Our Master in Management

The MIM Program uses a core curriculum to familiarize  students with the fundamental principles of management. Our baseline courses included Organizational Theory, Management Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing and Management of the Firm. These principles form the foundation of more advanced topics and elective courses.

The Master in Management Program offers a choice of four majors that focus educational effort on:

Integral features of this curriculum include group projects, a research paper and an intership.

Inter-disciplinary courses for all four majors provide students with indispensable, up-to-date management principles and tools for the real business environment. These courses include Project Management core, Business Ethics, and Management Information Systems.

Supporting courses include Career Management and Coaching, Team Building and Business Simulation, and Business French Language. They help students to expand their repertoire and understanding of the professional environment, tailored specifically toward French and European businesses.

The Cnam-IIM MIM program is spread out over the course of two orientation weeks, a core curriculum, and a major over two years. Courses are organized into two semesters per academic year, with a range from 2 to 8 credits for each class, depending on their importance and duration. The full amount of credits can be over 60 ECTS credits per year. The first year must include the six core curriculum courses, an integrative group project and an academic report, with 550 contact hours. The second year is dedicated to majors, electives and internship, with around 450 contact hours and 900 hours of overall workload.