Program structure

The Master in Management Programs are designed around the framework of:

  • an Integration week with intercultural integration and team building activities at the beginning of Master 1  (Year 1) and Master 2 (Year 2).
  • Master 1 (Year 1) with core curriculum of Management. The Master 1 helps students to understand the rules and practices of an organization as well as the different modalities of its management. a core curriculum to familiarize  students with the fundamental principles of management. Our baseline courses included Organizational Theory, Management Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing and Management of the Firm. These principles form the foundation of more advanced topics.

The learning outcomes of the first year are then applied in a team-based experience (Integrative Group Project) that enables students to learn by action as required in the professional environment.

Master 2 (Year 2) with Specialization modules to​​​​​​ ​help students to build an expertise in the fields of: 

  • Project Management & Business Engineering
  • International Business & Corporate Development
  • e-Business & Digital Marketing
  • Sustainable Development & Quality Management
  • A professional experience (Internship/Job)  from 3 to 6 months. The professional experience will complete the Master curriculum and offer an "action learning" opportunity.  
  • Inter-disciplinary courses, seminars and simulations for all specializations of Master 2 (year 2) provide students with indispensable, up-to-date management principles and tools for the real business environment. These courses include Business Simulation, Career Management and Coaching, and Business French Language. 

MIM Curriculum

Program Calendar

MIM intakes start on the 1st of October of each year.
Courses are organized into two semesters per academic year from October to mid February, and from March to end of June, with a range from 2 to 8 credits for each class, depending on their importance and duration.

The full amount of credits can be over 60 ECTS credits per year.

The Master 1 (first year) must include the eight core curriculum courses, an integrative group project and an academic report, with 460 class hours.

The Master 2 (second year) is dedicated to specializations and professional experience, with around 450 class hours and 420 hours of professional workhours.

Course rhythm as off October 2021


Master 1: Onsite classes 3 days per week) + Master 2 (Onsite classes 5 days per week)

Master 2: Onsite classes 5 days per week + Internship July up to December (3 to 6 months)

Apprenticeship :

Master 1 & Master 2 from October 2022

October to June
- Cnam: 3 days per week: Wednesday to Friday
- Company: 2 days per week: Monday to Tuesday

July to September:
- Company: 5 days per week : Monday to Friday.