Major in Sustainable Development and Global Quality Management

The Major in Sustainable Development and Global Quality Management considers the managerial entrepreneurship in the perspective of a business «as unusual»; it combines organizational excellence, through the application of quality principles and best practices, together with a far greater emphasis on business sustainability assessments.

Sustainable development is one of the most vibrant current topics in business; it is undoubtedly becoming the trend of business operation and development. Business is part of the sustainable development solution, while sustainable development is an effective long-term business growth strategy. But good governance is needed to make business a part of the solution: transparency and accountability are further challenges for business, especially in today's information-driven, globalised world. This major reviews foremost methods and tools of these fields.


  • To integrate transversal approach of quality in any corporate project;
  • To develop an understanding of the environmental issues and risks;
  • To become a leading business advocate on sustainable development;
  • To comprehend the business contribution to sustainable development solutions and practices;
  • To understand and apply Sustainable Development governance and social responsibility principles.

Course contents
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