What is said about our MIM?


Huanuan et Thibaud




Alaa Alsanousi, Saudi Arabia, Master Project Management & Business Engineering

AlaaI guess the wind blew me to Paris, I could say. I’ve always wanted to go to the states as I had this whole urge of wanting to live the “American Dream”, but as a young Saudi female who has never traveled alone or lived abroad, my father wanted me to be close to home and family as well as learn a new language so Europe was a better choice at that time. In 2010, AUP has a partnership with NYU so I believed I could trick my dad, transfer wit­hin a year to New York and continue my dream of living in the states. Thank god I did not do that or else I would’ve tricked myself instead! After a semester of living in Paris, although I was culture shocked and homesick, I could say that I was reborn in the heart of Europe, with a beautiful passion of wanting to continue my graduate studies here and the pleasure of wandering around the streets of his­tory by gazing upon the walls of art and civilization.

I chose CNAM because I was confident that I would be­nefit greatly from the multidisciplinary and career-oriented approach provided by the university. I believed the Master in Management program at CNAM will provide this focus and through achieving this program, the doors to network and knowledge will open up so I hope to inspire other students worldwide and females in Saudi Arabia, hence, contribute positively and globally as an Alumni.

After one year of studying in CNAM, I became more aware of the program and its necessity. M1 was very tough but I believe it gave me a push for M2 and taught me the prin­ciples and purpose of basic management skills. It is very interesting to be familiar with the concrete challenges of a company management and more importantly, I feel fortunate as it is an honor for me to have this opportunity and degree at one of the most reputable universities in France.

I could also add that what I enjoy the most about this program is the diversity of students and that most of the work is collaborative so I really got used to working together and de­veloping a team building spirit with various cultures and nationalities. It is challenging to facilitate bringing people together from diverse backgrounds in team work, discussions and debates howe­ver working with cross-functional and international teams has taught me the importance of building trusted rela­tionships and inspiring a shared project vision. Moreover, specializing in project management this year, I’ve learned strategies, worked on projects, processes and solutions, and developed skills in risk management and CSR. I chose my minor to be sustainable development and I am very pleased with all the knowledge I’m gaining throughout the courses that provides intellectual stimulation to tackle a variety of substantive issues globally.

As it is a very exciting time for Saudi Arabia, specifically women, I look forward to experience the undeniable dy­namism in the region as a Saudi female. Investing in wo­men is investing in the future of a nation. I am committed to pursuing a career where I can contribute to helping my country realize its full potential within the youth. In a few years, I do project myself in a training program for the youth in Saudi or a consultant at a development institution.

So my advice for you, a Saudi student, is to discover your curiosities and not to miss a chance of seeking your stu­dies in the world’s most beautiful city. Propel yourself forward with CNAM’s program, share your ambitions, and embrace who you are becoming!

Michael Schwarz, USA, Master 1

MichaelI chose to study at Le Cnam to search for more than my background in engineering was able to provide. The abi­lity to live and study in Paris is a phenomenal opportunity, and I am grateful for the small class size and the numerous different nationalities represented in the IIM program. The classes offered are staffed by highly competent and welcoming professors, and I know that my time here will allow me to find success as I work to mold the skills I have with the skills I will learn.

Ahmet Eleftoz, Turkey, Master 1

AhmetStudying abroad is both a rewarding and ful­filling experience. There are several reasons why I chose Paris. First of all, I am really inte­rested in the arts and different cultures. Paris is vivid plenty of things to do. Eiffel tower, fashion houses of Paris, classical art museums (Musée du Louvre, Musée d`Orsay, Centre Pompidou..) wines and sophisticated cuisine. I can tell how French culture is one of the most appreciated one in Europe.

Secondly, Paris is extremely stunning, gives inspiration to people, artists to display their art. For example, when you visit Montmartre you can find many artists on every corner of the streets. Some are singing, some are painting, some are playing guitar or accordion, cello, violin etc. You feel the positive energy in Paris. It is really multicultural with lots of people from different ethnic backgrounds living here also. Paris has outstanding opportunities.

Finally, transportation in Paris is well developed. Metro lines, trains, bicycles, busses are easy to get around Paris and very quick. I can give thousands of examples of why I chose to study in Paris.

CNAM’s Master in Management course is the ideal place for me to continue my education. I would like to pursue the e-Business and Mar­keting minor because it closely relates to my current degree, advertising, at Istanbul Aydin University. The way advertising is taught at the undergraduate level is fairly broad and all-encompassing at my university, but I am certain that I would be best suited to pursue a career in the digital realm, and CNAM’s de­gree would provide me with the targeted and specific tools to do precisely that. CNAM’s courses will allow me to harness my natural ability to connect with people and turn it into a professional asset in a way that would be difficult to replicate elsewhere.

To be part of Cnam makes me really excited. CNAM more generally is also the ideal institution to further my studies. The size of its student body means a huge opportunity for networking. The connections I can make at CNAM can last a lifetime and constitute both potential future cowor­kers and employers, as well as connections to industries outside my own that could provide me with valuable knowledge about market conditions. The personalized career services CNAM provides are also a significant draw for me. While knowledge is a worthy goal in its own right, my main motivation in pursuing this degree is to improve my professional standing, and I intend to make use of the career services for finding next steps after my degree ends. After one studying with Cnam will offer me connections to a huge variety of industries and companies I could potentially work in. The program contains very interesting subjects and the professors know how to pre­sent the courses. The teaching methods and study cases make courses more interesting and benefiting because the more we participate in courses the more we learn. This very enjoyable for us. My future plan is to be a Brand Manager. I want to work in a company but at the same time, I want to do Ph.D. and become a professor.

Colin Huang, China, Master Project Management & Business Engineering

ColinFrance has a very strong educa­tion and a good reputation for the majors in Marketing, Engineering, Pharmacopedia, etc. Paris is an international city, I can learn and I have learned many things out of school. Besides that, nowadays, France and China are trying to build a closer business relationship, so I think it could be a good opportunity to study here for my future.

CNAM is highly reputed in France, this program covers many subjects, it is very dense for different knowledge and skills. As I have already worked for a few years, I have a better understanding about the courses and I found that they are very useful in professional life.

It was very stressful at the beginning of the first year, we got a lot of work to do, there were loads of case studies, the presentations, the speeches and so on, and personal­ly I was afraid to fail the courses. But after a while, I felt more comfortable and I did acquire a lot of knowledge and learned a lot of skills during the team work with the members from different culture and background. Gene­rally speaking, this program is a good mix be-tween diffe­rent knowledge and skills.

There are many professors from different backgrounds, some are real high flyers in the companies and some are professors in universities, so it is a good mix. We can learn things from different aspects, that is what I enjoy about the program. Personally I would try to work in Paris a bit after the study to further my career experience in a forei­gn country, then have my own business if possible.