Your Master in Management in Paris!

Master 1

  • October to February: ON LINE courses
  • March to mid-July: ON CAMPUS courses

Master 2

  • October to April: ON CAMPUS courses
  • May to September: internship                   

Why MIM is for you?

  • 100% in English + french as a foreign language classes
  • Degree delivered by the French Ministry oh Higher Education under European standards
  • Multicultural classes of 15 different nationalities
  • Diversity of Academic & Professional backgrounds

What is said about MIM?

More details in the program structure

  • MIM is the Master in Management Programme
    • The Master in Management program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in business and management mainly in private sectors. It provides a solid foundation in the range of management disciplines and is distinguished from more specialized Masters by its breadth.
  • MIM is a French National Master’s Degree
    • The Master in Management program is built under the standardized European System of higher education (Bologna process). Graduates will also be awarded with an MSc degree. MIM students are committed, accompanied and challenged to achieve their Professional Master Degree delivered by the French Ministry of Higher Education.
  • MIM is under an international scope and standards
    • The Master in Management program is taught in English. International students have extra French lessons, which give them competitive advantages of multiple languages and management skills. Our Master gives students from around the world the opportunity to gather in Paris to learn about business customs and share different cultures. They learn form each others' experiences and academic backgrounds and of course from recognized professionals from different industries and economic regions.
  • MIM is the ongoing development of project managment, e-business and international management competences to:
    • Acquire an ability  to  manage  projects  according  to  a wide range of methods, in particulary, methods focussed on the added value creation;
    • Acquire the know-how to lead a project team efficiently in an international and multicultural environment;
    • Develop an ability to be innovative and creative while analyzing and finding relevant solutions, particularly to overcome risks inherent to projects;
    • Understand the big picture of digital marketing but also acquire an operational expertise;
    • Operate, create and improve the disrupted business through new-technology, social media marketing and communication;
    • Work on simulations, real projects and cases in class to inspire the scope and the stakes of projects in different industries;
    • Learn from international teams and multicultural managers to practice soft-skills and handle complex situations;
    • Study totally in English, the international language for business, and acquire French language as a plus to understand and work with francophone businesses and cultures;
    • Study in the center of Paris, the heart of European businesses and headquarters of almost all multinational firms.