Our Mission

MBA - what is it about

The curriculum develops the MBA’s mission in addressing managers’ needs for professional transformation and it places technical and soft-skills career development at the core of its curriculum. As a student-centric programme, the programme caters to each student’s learning style and rhythm in order to support student learning. It is a generalist programme which intends to help students to take a new career direction and allow them to capitalise on their former professional experiences and skill sets in order to manage more complex issues in business settings.

Its main objective is to drive students to become effective leaders by supporting their “hard” and “soft” skills. Students and alumni are trained to view themselves as conscientious global leaders that are cognizant of society’s needs and interests. Each course hinges on the concept that students are being prepared to help solve today’s most pressing social, economic and ecological problems.
The MBA programme’s new slogan “Business for Good, Transformation for Good, Change for Good” reflects this viewpoint of the role of the manager in today’s globalised, connected yet fragile world. The alumni are trained to ensure that their future companies positively impact their community and beyond, either as full-time employees or as hired consultants.

Objectives of the Program:

Acquire or consolidate fundamental and practical knowledge in all the management fields as well as in the underlying scientific domains;
Understand and anticipate the major stakes of the business environment including the management of complex issues related to ethics and corporate social responsibility;
Improve curiosity, critical thinking, intellectual autonomy and leadership;
Increase critical spirit and autonomy;
Increase readiness to face permanent changes;
Develop entrepreneurial spirit.

Students' Profiles:

MBA profiles

The Cnam Executive MBA promotes diversity to achieve a balanced mix of educational and professional backgrounds, ages and cultures.
The large number of nationalities (we have welcomed more than 40 different nationalities over the past 10 years) and the increasing number of female participation promote the variety of viewpoints and ideas voiced in discussions.
All this happens in classes of small size, facilitating intensive interactions, as well as the transfer of knowledge and skills.

Accreditation and ranking

  • The Cnam MBA - Master of Business Administration obtained a full accreditation from AMBA.