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Lefrancois“Wonderful ! A human experience higher than expected and a strong learning journey giving a full 360° understanding of my business environment. The second benefit is the culture of openness and continuous learning developed during these 2 years of research and case study which are real new skills in business approach”. Yann Lefrançois, Project Manager, Automotive – France.

Clotteau“A true human and introspective experience”, Marilidia Clotteau, Food & Beverage Segment Marketing Offer Manager –  France.

“Having the opportunity of studying at Cnam was one of the best experiences of my life. It provided me with some of the  best friends and professors I have ever met. The things I learned at Cnam helped me to create my own start-up company upon returning to Mexico
while also enriching my life as a whole. Living in France while attending Cnam was an experience I truly treasure and one I will be forever be grateful. I'm proud to be part of the Cnam because even if I live on the other side of the world, a small part of me and my family "reste toujours en France”. Luis Rochin, Marketing Application Support and Services Specialist – Mexico.

“My AnsariMBA journey in CNAM was throughout a pleasant experience and a great source of motivation. It allowed me to enhance my skillsets, expand my horizons and reach high level of self-confidence. I enjoyed the learning environment and collaboration with participants from diverse cultures. Also, the program offers foreign study trips and organises conferences that provide practical insight to business and stimulate real interest for entrepreneurship. The CNAM MBA is a well- designed, properly structured and flexible program which can meet the requirements of individuals who come from different professional backgrounds and have different time constraints. I feel a great sense of accomplishment having completed my MBA from CNAM”. Adeel Ansari, Project Leader, IT – UK.

“This experience marked me because it allowed me to discover new friends. Cultural exchange is an element of openness and experience with others! The level of professors was remarkable! This MBA allowed me a success in a large chemical group and taking the function of a site management”. Ali Cherif, Plant Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry – France.

Huong “Le Cnam Paris MBA is a specific opportunity, I learned that. I am more capable than I ever thought possible. I tried new classes, traveled to new places (lots of them), worked with different cultures, and actively pursued leadership opportunities outside of my comfort zone. Each experience helped me gain confidence in my abilities and encouraged me to pursue new challenges: the biggest lesson I learned from MBA is that difference
is great. For me, this story began when I chose to pursue the Fashion Management MBA from Le Cnam Paris in lieu of a traditional business program. While my friends and family saw the program as a risk, I saw it as an opportunity”. Huong Nguyen – Vietnam.

Diakite"It is an excellent experience which helps me to expand my horizons, take a step back from myself, think about my choices, my values and redefine my priorities ". Fatoumata Diakité, Key account manager, Insurance - Paris.